Tuesday, November 19, 2013

September/October 2013 Update/Prayer Letter

God’s Work in Individual Lives
Thank God for His leading us to start a Sunday afternoon children’s service. As a result of that, a 14 year old girl named Srey Noich heard the Gospel taught for seven straight weeks, and on the eighth week Pastor Proh’s wife, Chenda, led her to Christ. Srey Noich has expressed the desire to be baptized, and has started attending our Sunday morning adult service. Please pray that Srey Noich will follow through on her desire to be baptized, and that she will grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

La is continuing to grow, both spiritually and in his schooling. Two nineteen year old young ladies in our church, who happen to be identical twins, are currently teaching La Tuesday through Friday. They are teaching him only two subjects: reading/writing (in Khmer) and math. You may recall that La had not been to school in three years because his teachers didn’t have the patience to deal with his speech impediment. But for these few months that La has been in our church and under our tutelage, he has improved tremendously, and I believe in a few months he will be reading. La is also growing in his relationship with the Lord. He comes faithfully every Sunday, and has started praying for and collecting the offering. When he prays, it is impossible not to notice his stutter. But unlike his public school and even his own village, when he stutters at church, nobody laughs at him or mocks him. I believe La has experienced God’s love first hand by attending Freedom Baptist Church.

We also thank God for another young lady who started attending our church as a result of our Friday morning outreach. Her name is Srey Neat, and she comes from a broken home. She lives with her alcoholic father who has discouraged her from coming to church, but she comes anyway. She is not saved yet, but a faithful lady in our church named Bong Srey has been teaching her through the “Do You Know God?” book. Our prayer is that Srey Neat will soon place her faith in Jesus Christ and receive Him as her Savior.

New Outreach Efforts
In addition to the several hours spent in house to house evangelism every week, the Lord has prepared two other avenues of connecting with new people for the purpose of sharing the Gospel with them. First, there is a small English school three blocks from our house. Pastor Proh is a friend of the director of this school, and the Lord opened the door for me to teach English there 3 evenings a week from 5:30 to 7:30. This is proving to be a great tool for getting to know people that I would otherwise never have a chance to know. Soon we will be printing an information tract for our church that I will be passing out to all of my students (about 35 students in all). Please pray that out of these 35 students there will be a few that will visit our church.

Another opportunity that “fell into our lap” is the soccer field that was just built 100 yards from our house. It is a very nice soccer field with artificial turf, and it only costs $6 per hour to rent it. I feel that it would be extremely foolish not to take advantage of this soccer field, as soccer is the number one sport in this country. So we have started a twice-a-month soccer activity (every other Monday) in which we start at our house (or the church building, whatever you want to call it) with a light snack and a short devotional from God’s Word. The goal is for the men and teenage boys in our church to invite their friends to this activity for the purpose of showing them true, Godly friendship and then inviting them to our church and sharing the Gospel with them. In these first four weeks we have already had several unsaved teen boys and men attend this activity. Please pray that we will see some fruit as a result of these efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and pray for us. We love you all!

In Christ,

Chad Phillips

Thursday, September 5, 2013

July/August 2013 Update/Prayer Letter

The Salvation of La
Praise the Lord that the baptistery waters were stirred again two Sundays ago as La, a 15 year old young man who has been coming to our church for about 3 months, made public his decision to receive Jesus Christ as his Saviour. We thank God for leading Pastor Tho to La’s house several months ago during our Friday morning “spreading the Good News” time, and we thank God that La’s mother, although reluctantly at first, agreed to allow La to come to our church. La cannot read, having been pulled out of school three years ago because his teachers told La’s mother, “He cannot learn, and his stuttering problem is too much for us to handle.” La does have a severe stuttering problem, but he is a smart boy. But because he has missed three years of school, La cannot read. This burdens me, because an essential part of his spiritual growth will be knowledge of the Scriptures. So I have been teaching him the Khmer alphabet- 33 consonants and 27 vowels- for about 6 weeks. He is making steady progress, but he needs more help than I am equipped to give him. Thankfully, a Sunday school class who has been faithfully supporting us from Corinth Baptist Church in Loganville, Georgia has collected $500.00 to help La get a private education from teachers who will take their time with him and give him the attention that he needs. Please pray for La’s spiritual growth, and pray for the salvation of his mother and his grandparents.

A Growing Children’s Ministry
About two and a half months ago, the Lord impressed upon my heart to start a Sunday afternoon children’s service for the kids in our area. For the first two or three Sundays, we averaged about 8 kids, most of them coming from one family who lives directly across the street from us. But praise the Lord, the word started getting out and 6 weeks ago we had 33 children! I am teaching an 8 lesson series from a book called, “Do You Know God?”- basically a thorough presentation of the Gospel starting with the nature of God (His eternality, His omnipresence, His omniscience, His omnipotence, His holiness, His love, etc.) and finishing with the solution to man’s inherent sin problem- the death, burial, and resurrection of God in the flesh, Jesus Christ. This past Sunday I taught 28 children about the fall of man, and this coming Sunday I will begin teaching the core of the Gospel message- how we can be reconciled to holy God through Jesus Christ. Please pray that we will see some fruit that remains as a result of these efforts.

The New Theme for Our Church
The Lord has given me clear direction concerning our focus for the upcoming year. The new theme is េសចក្ដីជំនឿដ៌មាំមួន- “An Established Faith”, taken from Acts 16:5, where God’s Word says, “And so were the churches established in the faith, and increased in number daily.” I believe the most biblical and effective means of church growth is the spiritual growth of the believers within the church. A spiritually healthy church will be a soul winning church. A spiritually healthy church will be a disciple-making church. The rate of growth in the church is God’s business and it is according to His timetable.  Our focus this year is to deepen our roots and allow God to work through us.

I will be focusing my messages around the following three aspects of an established faith: first, having a vibrant relationship with God. I will be teaching a series of lessons developed by my dear friend and fellow missionary here in Cambodia, Stephen Benefield. The series focuses on several unique relationships that every Christian has with God. These relationships include the father/child relationship, the potter/clay relationship, the teacher/student relationship, the shepherd/sheep relationship, the captain/soldier relationship, the vine/branch relationship, the groom/bride relationship, the master/servant relationship, and the king/subject relationship. I will also be focusing on having knowledge of God’s Word, which includes reading, memorizing, and meditating on the Scriptures. Finally, I will be focusing on applying our knowledge of God’s Word to our everyday lives.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support for our family.

In Christ,
Chad Phillips

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A blessed Sunday

La's salvation
I just want to share some of the wonderful blessings from our Sunday here in Ta Khmau, Cambodia. First, La, the 15 year old young man that I mentioned in my previous post, received Christ as his personal Savior during the morning service. Today was the third Sunday that Pastor Proh and I taught La the Gospel- I have been teaching him during the Sunday school hour while Pastor Proh teaches the Sunday school lesson, and Pastor Proh has been teaching him during the second hour while I preach the morning message. This morning, I taught La about the chasm between sinners and Holy God, and that good works and religion cannot reconcile us to God. Pastor Proh picked up from that point during the second hour, and after spending 45 minutes with La thoroughly explaining the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, and the necessity of both believing in Christ and receiving Him as Savior, La decided to stop trusting in himself and placed his faith in Christ alone. Right before we dismissed, Pastor Proh brought La back into the church's meeting place, and had La announce to the church the decision he had just made. I cannot put into words the joy that was on La's face and in his voice as he told the church family about his salvation. He said, "I am so happy! Now I know God! Now I have God in my life!"When I took La home, I talked with his grandparents about his decision. I made sure that they understood this was La's decision, and that he was not coerced in any way whatsoever. Frankly, I was a bit concerned that they would not be too happy about La's decision- but praise the Lord, they seemed to be supportive of La. They both told me, "La likes going to church. Come and get him as often as you want. He has nothing to do here at home but get into trouble. If he wants to follow God, we will let him. Just take him and teach him the right paths." I have not talked with La's mother yet, but she will probably not have a problem with what her parents said. Please pray that God will open up the grandparents' hearts, as well as La's mother's heart, to the truth of the Gospel.

Our church's new theme
In our morning service I introduced our theme for the upcoming year in our church. The theme is taken from Acts 16:5- "And so were the churches established in the faith, and increased in number daily." Our focus this year will be on having an established, healthy church. We want to see each current member grow personally in his or her faith, and as a result I believe we will see new people added to the church. I have not set a specific number goal. I believe that a healthy church will grow, and I want to see true growth with fruit that remains. Please pray that God will bless our church as we seek to be more grounded in the Word of God.

Another good day in our children's ministry
About 6 weeks ago we started an afternoon children's service for the children in our immediate area. For 4 weeks we saw an average of about 8 kids, for which I was very thankful. Two weeks ago we started a small promotion to try and generate some interest in the hearts of more children in our area. I am teaching through the "Do You Know God?" book- the supplement (written by veteran missionary in Cambodia Rodney Ruppel) that we use when giving the Gospel, basically a very detailed and thorough Gospel tract that is 37 pages in length, chalked full of Scripture, illustrations and explanations to clearly explain the Gospel to people who have been brought up in a Buddhist culture. The promotion lasts 8 weeks, and the kids can get 3 points each week- one point for attendance, one point for coloring the picture of the week, and one point for memorizing a short Bible verse. When the promotion is finished, I will have a small school supplies shop set up there in our church, and the kids will be able to choose which supplies they want based on the number of points they accumulated. Last week we had a total of 28 kids with most of those being first time visitors. Today all but one of those kids came plus a few more, giving us a total of 34 kids today. And best of all, they listened very well during the lesson. Please pray that we will see some fruit that remains as a result of this children's ministry.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Please pray for La

Please pray for a young man named La. He is 15 years of age, and Pastor Proh and Bro. Shull met him while out talking to people about Jesus a few weeks before we came back to Cambodia. La was taken out of school 3 years ago because there was no teacher who would give him the attention that he needs to be able to learn. La cannot read or write, but he listens very well when he comes to church.

As is common in Cambodia, La's family uses very derogatory language towards him because of his deficiencies. "La isn't smart, and he can't talk right," a family member told me while La was standing next to me. (It is normal to meet a Cambodian family and hear things like, "This is my smart child, this is my stupid child, this is my pretty child, and this is my ugly child.")

Last week I started going to La's house to teach him how to read Khmer. It is a struggle because he is so hard on himself. Several times he has struggled to repeat the letter I was teaching him, and he said to me, "I'm just not smart. I can't do it." But La can learn. He is already making progress. The best proof that La can learn is that after studying the Gospel with Pastor Proh this past Sunday morning, he was able to answer all of Pastor Proh's questions that related to the first lesson in the "Do You Know God?" book- basically a very detailed Gospel tract that gives a very clear and thorough presentation of the Gospel. Please pray that La will soon receive Christ as his personal Savior, and that La's mother will continue to allow him to come to church. Please pray that Pastor Proh and I will have the opportunity to give the Gospel to La's mother and grandparents.

Monday, July 8, 2013

May/June 2013 Prayer Letter/Update

A blessed last month in the States
This past May was a time of precious memories and difficult goodbye’s- but all in all it was a time of great blessing. The first week of May was our last week in Georgia, so we set aside some time to be with my (Chad’s) side of the family. We were also able to spend some time at our precious home church, and had the joy of joining with our pastor, Derik Lawrence, in dedicating Emily to the Lord Jesus Christ. During the remaining three weeks of May we drove to California, and were able to stop halfway to see some of my family in Houston, Texas. After arriving in California, God gave us a wonderful time with Linda’s family in Bakersfield. We were in California until May 27, and at about 12:45 that afternoon our plane left the runway of Los Angeles International Airport. We landed at Phnom Penh International Airport about 22 hours later.

Since being back in Cambodia…
We have been back in Cambodia for just over a month now, but it feels as if we just arrived yesterday. The time has flown by, and we have been extremely busy. On June 7th, nearly all of the 25 members of Freedom Baptist Church- the church in which God is allowing us to serve- accompanied the Shull family to the airport; and on that day the church family said their last goodbyes to the missionary family who introduced them to the love of Jesus. There was not a dry eye in the group. Just before the Shulls entered the airport to board their flight, we all sang “The Love of God” in Khmer. What an appropriate song for the occasion, for the Shulls’ lives can be summed up in one short sentence: They are conduits of God’s love.

That day as we rode with the church members back to our village in Ta Khmao, the tears continued to flow, but there was a sense of joy amongst the folks, and I could see that although they were sad to say goodbye to this family that meant so much to them, they were filled with faith in God’s sovereign hand. The next Sunday, June 9th, the church had its first service at our house, and what a great service it was. Pastor Proh and I both preached, and we sensed a unity that only God can give. It has been one month since the Shulls left, and the church family is remaining faithful and maintaining a wonderful spirit.

We have had many opportunities to talk about the Lord Jesus Christ; and while many have politely listened, many have not shown much interest in the Gospel. This can get discouraging, but I thank God for veteran missionary in Cambodia, Rodney Ruppel, who recently encouraged me by saying, “My faith is not in the ground; my faith is in the seed.” He also encouraged me with these words: “I rarely give the Gospel to people who are interested; I give the Gospel to people who are willing to listen, and the Word of God develops an interest in their hearts.”

God recently lead me to write a new tract that deals with the definition and the problem of sin. The Cambodian perception of what is “good” and what is “sinful” very much focuses on the exterior. Many Cambodians view themselves as being good people because they give offerings to the monks and go the wat (temple), but they don’t generally view the sins of their hearts such as pride, hatred, lust, or bitterness, or other “common” sins such as lying, hypocrisy, or deception, as being anything too serious. So, Pastor Proh and I have developed a new tract based on a Khmer proverb that says, ធ្វើបុណ្យមួយរយសំពៅ បាបមួយចូលទៅ រលាយបាត់អស់, which literally means, “You do 100 ships worth of merit, but one sin cancels all of those merits.” The tract uses this proverb that is so common here to help the people understand that even though they may have never committed murder, they are still counted as sinners in the eyes of God because of the inner sins of their hearts. Please pray that God will use this tract to create an awareness of sin in the hearts of the people who will receive and read it, and that after being made aware of their sinful condition they will turn to Christ as their Savior.

In Christ,
Chad Phillips

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First 2 weeks of our second term

The last two weeks have been blur, and in that blur we have experienced a wide range of emotions. Saying our goodbyes were not any easier than the first time we left, but I thank God for the time that we had with our family and with dear friends. Then, just a few days after returning, we said goodbye to the Shull family, the missionaries who started the church that I am now pastoring. Their last two church services with us were undoubtedly two of the most precious services I have ever been a part of. Bro. Ray called up each church member individually and gave them his last pastoral exhortation and blessing, and the tears flowed. The Shulls have been true servants to the people that God gave them, and they have been conduits of His love.

Last Friday, the whole church, with the exception of two people who had to work, accompanied the Shulls to the Phnom Penh International Airport to bid them their final farewells, and what a precious time that was. Again, the tears flowed. I have not been able to stop thinking about the impact that a family who is filled with the Spirit and committed to following Christ can have on the lives of others. The people of Freedom Baptist Church in Ta Khmau, Cambodia, have seen and experienced the amazing love of God through the Shull family.

*Second set of pictures was taking by Tim and Alison Stephens, our fellow missionaries here in Cambodia, dear friends of the Shulls.

Last Sunday was our first service meeting at our house. Actually, I don't know if the church meets at our house or if we live in the church building. Either way, it went very smoothly, praise the Lord. Every member of the church made it either to the morning or the evening service; and although everyone was still heartbroken to see the Shulls leave, God's grace was abundant, and hope for the future was evidently present in our midst. Please pray for us during this transition. I am so thankful for each member of the church. I am also thankful for the opportunity to work alongside two godly men- Pastor Tho and Pastor Proh. There is much work to be done, and I am keenly aware that this work will not be done by our might nor by our power, but by His Spirit.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The 138

Last week we finally made it to Bakersfield, California, after a long yet enjoyable drive from Loganville, Georgia. The last 90 minutes of our journey was on a highway that I have driven hundreds of times since 2005- Highway 138, or "the 138" as they say in California. As I drove down the 138 last week my heart was stirred, and I rejoiced in the goodness and mercy of God.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

March/April 2013 Prayer Letter/Update

A very busy, profitable travel schedule

March and April found us visiting our supporting churches in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Alabama. It truly was busy in the purest sense of the word, and it was equally profitable because of the wonderful opportunities that God afforded us. Those opportunities include: getting reconnected with some of the best churches in the world; getting to see some of our dearest friends in the world; preaching in church services and Christian school chapels; and giving the Gospel to people we met along the way.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

January/February 2013 Prayer Letter/Udate

                  Blessed to see our supporting churches
It has been such a blessing to be in several of our supporting churches during January and February. We have been able to report in 17 of our supporting churches covering the states of Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, and West Virginia. Truly, God has blessed us with precious supporting churches who love us and support us faithfully; and we love them! Each time we have had to say goodbye to one of the churches we have visited on this furlough, there has been an aching in my heart and a desire to stay and fellowship for just a little longer. We cherish the relationship that we have with each church that has partnered with us, and we will be praying for our supporting churches and their pastors, that God will continue to use and bless them for His glory.

Friday, February 22, 2013

"Preaching Christ for Christ's sake"

From the Memoir and Remains of Robert Murray M'Cheyne by Andrew Bonar, page 45.

(Excerpt from M'Cheyne's journal) "July 8- Since Tuesday have been laid up with illness. Set by once more for a season to feel my unprofitableness and cure my pride. When shall this self-choosing temper be healed? 'Lord, I will preach, run, visit, wrestle,' said I. 'No, thou shalt lie in thy bed and suffer,' said the Lord. Today missed some fine opportunities of speaking a word for Christ. The Lord saw I would have spoken as much for my own honor as His, and therefore shut my mouth. I see a man cannot be a faithful minister, until he preaches Christ for Christ's sake- until he gives up striving to attract people to himself, and seeks only to attract them to Christ."

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Highlights from Our Week

  • I've been praying that God would open my eyes to more opportunities to give the Gospel to those I meet in our travels. Last week I was able to give the Gospel to the manager at CiCi's pizza in Jacksonville, Arkansas. She didn't make a decision for Christ, but I hope I at least put a pebble in her shoe.
  • Had the opportunity to teach a missions class at Bethel Baptist College in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Taught on "The Missionary and His Materials", as well as some helpful things I learned from the book "The Deputation Manual" by Pastor Austin Gardner.
  • Had a great time visiting two guys from my home church (Victory Baptist Church, Loganville, Georgia)- Matthew Sewell and Steven Ayers- down at Champion Baptist College in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We went down for a few hours last Thursday, and I sat in on two of the classes. Heard some of the best teaching on the topic of prayer I have ever heard.
  • Sunday morning, Feb. 17th, we stopped in and worshipped with one of our supporting churches, Colonial Baptist Church in Rogers, Arkansas, Pastor Claude Slate. Was personally stirred to see God's grace at work in Pastor Slate and his family, as just over one year ago his daughter, Kim Boling, went home to be with the Lord. We are still praying for God's grace and comfort towards the Slate family and toward Kim's husband, Michael Boling. 
  • Sunday night, Feb. 17th, we were with another supporting church in Rogers, Arkansas- Gospel Light Baptist Church, Pastor Noel Cwenar. Was able to give a report, sing, and hear a timely message from God's Word.
  • My daughter, Elisabeth (4 yrs. old) is proving to be quite the analyzer. She asked me out of the blue earlier today, "Daddy, do strangers think that we are strangers?" I don't think I started thinking those kind of thoughts until I was a good ways further down the road of life than she is presently at. 
  • Please pray for the wife of one of the men I will be working with when we get back to Cambodia. The man's name is Tho. His wife, Jan, has been very sick, and they are looking for a doctor who can give her a correct diagnosis.

Friday, February 15, 2013

When Choosing a Veteran Missionary...

Picture taken in 2006 during my first survey trip

The choice of which veteran missionary you will work with during your first term on the mission field is incredibly important. I thank God that He led us to the Benefield family to work with during our first term in Cambodia. To the glory of God, I can tell you that during time that we were in the Benefield's ministry, Bro. Benefield and I never had a cross word with each other. And I thank God for that. My outlook on ministry in Cambodia is extremely positive, and I owe much of that to Bro. Benefield's leadership. In this post I want to list some facets of my experience working under Stephen Benefield that may prove helpful to a missionary who is still considering which veteran missionary he will work with for the first term.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Missionary and His Materials

Yesterday I had the privilege to teach a practical missions class at Bethel Baptist College in Jacksonville, Arkansas. I wanted to leave something with the class that would really be a practical help to them when they begin the deputation process. These simple thoughts surely helped me when I was on deputation, and these principles certainly apply to furlough as well. These thoughts specifically apply to the materials- the prayer letter, letterhead, website, display, packet, and, most importantly (in my opinion), the DVD presentation. In this post, I will focus more on the DVD presentation.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

John and Linda Wilkerson- Used of God to Teach Me True Christianity

I thank God for several men whom I count as my counsellors and godly examples in my life. They are the Paul, and I'm the Timothy. One of those men is John Wilkerson. God has used him to make a great impact on my life. This is one of many instances in which God used Pastor Wilkerson and his family to make me more Christ-like, and I will never forget it as long as I live.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Highlights from Our Week

  • Last Sunday, Feb. 3, we were in two of our supporting churches- New Life Baptist Church in Columbia, SC, and Sumter Baptist Temple in Sumter, SC.
  • We are having a blast being able to see friends from our supporting churches. The relationships a missionary builds on deputation are priceless.
  • On Wednesday, Feb. 6, we were in a supporting church, Forrest Hills @ Mountain View Baptist Church in Snellville, GA. Was able to give a report as well as preach. 
  • Was blessed to see missionary to Cambodia, Matthew Brown and his family at Forrest Hills. We met them in Cambodia when they were on their survey trip, and they just happened to drop in on the night we were at Forrest Hills. We're excited for them- they're at 55% after 10 months of deputation!
  • We just finished up a missions conference at a supporting church, Bible Baptist Church in Jacksonville, AR. What a great conference it was. Was able to teach Sunday school and give a report, and spend time with many precious friends. The church substantially increased its missions giving for this year and took on two new missionaries.
  • Enjoyed the preaching of Dr. Ed Thierbach. First time to hear him preach, and was blessed by his extremely biblical and practical preaching.
  • Yesterday was a bittersweet day at our "second" home church, First Baptist Church of Long Beach, CA. They said goodbye to their beloved pastor, John Wilkerson, and his precious family by having a send-off service as he begins his responsibilities as pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN next Sunday. 
  • Pastor Wilkerson is Linda's first pastor. She was saved under his ministry when she was 19 years old. We also lived our first two years of marriage under Pastor Wilkerson's pastoral leadership when I was on staff at FBCLB from 2007 to 2009. It sure is going to be strange going to FBCLB without seeing the Wilkersons, but we know that God has a wonderful plan for this special church, and for the Wilkersons as well.

Friday, January 11, 2013

November/December 2012 Prayer Letter/Update

Before Our Furlough…
The month of November flew by so quickly! Since it was our last full month of ministry before coming to the States for this furlough, we asked God to give us a fruitful month in our soul winning efforts, as well as in our efforts to build relationships with the members of the church that I will be leading when we return to Cambodia. God gave me several opportunities to give the Gospel, both in preaching and in personal evangelism. While we did not see anyone saved during those times, it was a blessing to know that the seed of the Gospel was sown in the hearts of people who seemed to be open to Christ.

Another great blessing from November was having one of my best friends, Victor Huff, with us for a ten-day trip. Victor and I grew up in the youth group at Victory Baptist Church in Loganville, Georgia- my sending church. He came to help us film the video we will be showing to the churches we will visit on this furlough. What a blessing it was to have him with us as we went into the neighborhoods near our house to spread the Gospel, and to see him build friendships with the Cambodian Christians in the church. I believe Victor would testify to you that his visiting Cambodia was an experience that God used in his life to strengthen him spiritually and enhance his understanding of foreign missions.

Since returning to the States…
It was a bit surreal returning to the States for the first time after nearly two years of being in Cambodia. Linda’s parents picked us up from the airport in Los Angeles, and on the way to Bakersfield we stopped at a wonderful place called Wendy’s. What a blessing that was. A Frosty never tasted so good. In all seriousness, it was a great blessing to spend some time with Linda’s family in California. After spending some time with Linda’s family, we flew to Georgia to have Christmas with my family, and what a precious time that was. It has been great to be at our sending church and spend some time with our pastor, Derik Lawrence. Yesterday, I was able to go out with two young men from the church and invite folks from a nearby subdivision to church and talk to them about Christ. That subdivision is not only made up of people who are native to Georgia, but there are also people from all over the world literally within one mile of the church. I was reminded of the great need for the churches in the States to continue shining the light of the Gospel brightly.

I just read an encouraging report from Bro. Benefield, the missionary with whom we worked for the majority of our first term. He recently baptized 10 people, and one of them is a young lady named Srey Laek. I remember inviting Srey Laek to church over a year ago. She came faithfully for many months and listened to the Gospel, and recently a faithful lady in the church led her to Christ. What a blessing to see Srey Laek living a life of obedience in her new Christian life. Bro. Benefield also recently started two teen classes- one in the village and one at the church in Phnom Penh.  It is encouraging to know that Srey Laek will have this class in which she can be discipled and grow in grace under the sound teaching and preaching of His Word.

Starting Our Furlough Meetings
We are excited to see many of you in the near future as we come to your church and report about God’s work in Cambodia. We still have a few open dates that we hope to fill. If you would like to have us in to report, you can email me at chad@living-fields.com or call me at 661.336.8814. Also, if you have not yet seen it, check out our new website: www.living-fields.com.

We will be returning to Cambodia on May 27. Please pray that God will use us while we are in the States to lead others to Christ and encourage Christians concerning world evangelism. Thank you for your love, prayers, and support for our family.