Monday, September 22, 2014

Heading Back to Cambodia

Evelyn Joy Phillips was born September 6, 2014 at 10:53 p.m. At 7.05 pounds and 20.07 inches, she was born healthy and absolutely beautiful (like her mother, obviously). While we would obviously not prefer to be in Thailand for such an extended period of time, God has used the past 6 weeks to bring refreshment, and I believe this will prove to be helpful as we prepare for the next two years of ministry in Cambodia. The past 6 weeks have allowed me time for extra reading, studying, praying, and also some time for fellowship with friends like the Basshams, the Salmons, the Ashcrafts, and the Tuckers. I have enjoyed helping teach English and Bible at Bangjak Baptist Church, and am looking forward to preaching there this coming Sunday.

I am also thankful to God for His answer to prayer concerning Philip and Lori Bassham's newborn daughter, Grace. Grace was born just a few days after our Evelyn, and it became apparent very quickly that she was having trouble breathing. It was discovered that she had an infection, and the fear was that the infection would get into her blood causing sepsis. After over a week of receiving antibiotic treatment in the hospital, it is a blessing to know that Grace's infection did not go into her blood, and at the time of this writing she is finally at home with her parents, her grandmother who is visiting, and her big sister, Claire.

I am thankful for the leadership of both Pastor Proh and Pastor Tho during our absence. Pastor Proh has given good reports of the church's faithfulness over the past 6 weeks. Pastor Tho's 14 year old son, Dara, has stepped up to help in leading the singing as well as picking up La for church. Pastor Tho continues to minister every Saturday and Sunday morning in his wife' home village in Kampot, and the group of teenagers that he has reached continues to faithfully seek to know more of God's Word. Pastor Proh's wife, Chenda, with the help of Pastor Tho's wife, Jan, hosted a ladies activity a few weeks ago, which proved to be a great success and a source of encouragement to everyone who participated.

This Tuesday (Sep. 23) we will go to the embassy in Bangkok for our appointment to apply for Evelyn's passport. Lord-willing, we will have her temporary passport in hand by Thursday. After our appointment at the embassy, we will be visiting with a Christian family from Pakistan who is seeking asylum in Thailand from the terrible situation in their home country. Please pray that we will be a blessing to them. Lord-willing, we will be back in Cambodia one week from today (Sep. 29). We are excited about getting back and putting our hands to the plow. We will be starting an English class for teens and adults that will meet at our church every Thursday and Friday evening. The purpose of the class will be to have another opportunity to meet new people with the end goal of presenting the Gospel to them. Please pray for us and for Freedom Baptist Church, that God will use us for His glory.

In Christ,
Chad Phillips