Sunday, February 17, 2013

Highlights from Our Week

  • I've been praying that God would open my eyes to more opportunities to give the Gospel to those I meet in our travels. Last week I was able to give the Gospel to the manager at CiCi's pizza in Jacksonville, Arkansas. She didn't make a decision for Christ, but I hope I at least put a pebble in her shoe.
  • Had the opportunity to teach a missions class at Bethel Baptist College in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Taught on "The Missionary and His Materials", as well as some helpful things I learned from the book "The Deputation Manual" by Pastor Austin Gardner.
  • Had a great time visiting two guys from my home church (Victory Baptist Church, Loganville, Georgia)- Matthew Sewell and Steven Ayers- down at Champion Baptist College in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We went down for a few hours last Thursday, and I sat in on two of the classes. Heard some of the best teaching on the topic of prayer I have ever heard.
  • Sunday morning, Feb. 17th, we stopped in and worshipped with one of our supporting churches, Colonial Baptist Church in Rogers, Arkansas, Pastor Claude Slate. Was personally stirred to see God's grace at work in Pastor Slate and his family, as just over one year ago his daughter, Kim Boling, went home to be with the Lord. We are still praying for God's grace and comfort towards the Slate family and toward Kim's husband, Michael Boling. 
  • Sunday night, Feb. 17th, we were with another supporting church in Rogers, Arkansas- Gospel Light Baptist Church, Pastor Noel Cwenar. Was able to give a report, sing, and hear a timely message from God's Word.
  • My daughter, Elisabeth (4 yrs. old) is proving to be quite the analyzer. She asked me out of the blue earlier today, "Daddy, do strangers think that we are strangers?" I don't think I started thinking those kind of thoughts until I was a good ways further down the road of life than she is presently at. 
  • Please pray for the wife of one of the men I will be working with when we get back to Cambodia. The man's name is Tho. His wife, Jan, has been very sick, and they are looking for a doctor who can give her a correct diagnosis.

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