Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Special Missions Conference

From October 27-31, God allowed us to be at Bible Baptist Church in Matthews, NC for their missions conference. This is a dear church to our hearts for a couple of reasons.

First, my grandfather, Dr. Jim Phillips, pastored this church for 21 years (from 1978-1999). Under his leadership, God allowed the church to see thousands saved, baptized, and discipled. The church grew from an average of 50 to over 700. Scores of people who were members of Bible Baptist are now in full time ministry. Praise the Lord, the church is still moving forward under the pastoral leadership of Dr. Ron Allen.

Second, Bible Baptist Church is the church where I was dedicated by my parents to the Lord back in 1982. How thankful I am to God for giving me the opportunity to come back to Bible Baptist 28 years after I was dedicated to the Lord and preach from the pulpit from which my grandfather preached for 21 years. It is only of His goodness and mercy that such a wonderful event could take place. I can look back on many times of my life where God should have just taken me home. But He has allowed me to live for Him, and He has added bonus blessings along the way. God is good!

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  1. Your grandpa gave you a great example to follow! It must be very thrilling for him to see his grandson serving the Lord and preaching the Gospel. True men of God live their lives with the next generation in view.

    Psalm 71:17-18
    "O God, thou hast taught me from my youth: and hitherto have I declared thy wondrous works. Now also when I am old and greyheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come."

    It's also very neat that you got to preach in the church where you were dedicated. God's been good to you, brother!