Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Tonight, the during the last service of the missions conference at Harvest Baptist Church in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, I had the privilege to sing "A Passion for Thee" for the offertory.

A passion for Thee
Oh, Lord, set a fire in my soul
And a thirst for my God!
Hear Thou my prayer
Lord, Thy power impart
Not just to serve
But to love Thee with all of my heart.

After I finished singing, Pastor Kurt Skelly made some insightful remarks about the message of the song- the fact that our service for God should flow from a sincere love for Him. Then, he made the most profound statement concerning true service for God that I have ever heard.

"True service for God is not about output; true service for God is about outflow."

How true this is.

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  1. I've never met Bro. Skelly or heard him preach, but I've seen many people quote him on twitter. He comes up with a lot of good one-liners. Not funny one-liners, but wise ones, like you just mentioned in this post.

    I liked the words to the song too. I've never heard that one before.