Thursday, August 13, 2009

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Pictured above are some of Linda's relatives in Cambodia. Next to me stands Boo Pan, Linda's uncle; in front of him stands Jing, Linda's cousin; to Linda's left, holding Elisabeth, stands Ming Chea, and on the end is Ming Chea's husband, Boo Tap.
Linda's parents escaped Cambodia in 1980, and eventually found refuge in the United States. The people pictured with Linda and me, with the exception of Jing, were some of the survivors of the Killing Fields. Boo Pan was just a boy, Ming Chea and Boo Tap were teenagers. Because Linda was born in the States, she never had a chance to meet her family in Cambodia, until 2006.
In March of 2006, Linda, along with her mom and sister, Dena, took a month-long vacation to Cambodia. For the first time, Linda was able to finally meet her "distant" relatives (distant geographically, not biologically- it's a pun). Linda's mom was reunited to her mother, brothers and sisters for the first time in nearly 30 years. What an opportunity it was for them to see each other again, espcecially considering that the last time they saw each other was during the Killing Fields.
Linda and I also have the opportunity of a lifetime. We have the opportunity to introduce Linda's family to the King of Kings, the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. I have already witnessed to Boo Pan and Ming Chea. Please pray that we will have the opportunity to "reunite" Linda's family with the God from which we were all alienated from at one time, until someone shared with us the glorious gospel message.

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