Thursday, May 13, 2010

Marks of a Fantastic Missions Conference Pt. 2

After discussing this topic with my wife, we came to the conclusion that another mark of a fantastic missions conference is organization. While great missions conferences may vary in different areas, one area they all have in common is that they are organized.

On several occasions, I have received a letter, an email, or a packet over a month before the conference began that gave the schedule of the conference (what time to arrive, where to meet, what night I was presenting our ministry, activities, etc.). It is difficult to put into words what that does to the heart of a missionary! It builds a spirit of anticipation within my heart, and it sends me the message that this church is serious about missions, and that they are eagerly anticipating our arrival. It shows that the missions conference is not just being thrown together at the last minute.

I am not suggesting that a church that does not send the schedule to the missionaries in advance is an unorganized church. We have been a part of some great conferences that did not send the schedule in advance; but they did have a schedule!

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