Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Update from California

It doesn't seem real, but Lord-willing, we will be leaving for Cambodia three weeks from yesterday. We are spending these last three weeks in the States in California. We are spending some good time with Linda's family in Bakersfield, and we will spend a few days in Long Beach.

Please pray that God will use us as we endeavor in the following areas:

  • Witnessing to Linda's family (already had opportunities to witness to two of my brothers-in-law)
  • I will be preaching the revival for McKee Road Baptist Church of Bakersfield March 13-16. Please pray for God's direction and that He would work in the hearts of His people.
  • I will also be preaching at First Baptist Church School in their chapel service. I know most of these kids from our time there, and I am praying that God will use His Word to penetrate their hearts.
  • Tying up loose ends here in the States before we leave on the 28th.
  • Opportunities to talk to people about Christ while we are staying in Bakersfield and Long Beach.
  • Speaking to young mothers at the abortion clinic in Bakersfield. This morning I went with Pastor Fies to the abortion clinic, and we stood on the public sidewalk just outside the clinic and pleaded with these young mothers to choose life for their children. I hope to be able to go back several times before we leave for Cambodia.

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